Rotary Avivtek Afeka Club

I'd like to be a member of a club that accepts people like me

Rotary Afeka Avivtek is a club in a unique model of the International Rotary Organization.


Our club members are High-tech professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, investors and senior members of the high-tech community

The AvivTEK Club is a unique model of the World Rotary Organization, a non-profit organization whose goal is to create a better world while doing so for the community.

The club has members of Israeli high-tech people (CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs and senior industry executives), including CEOs of high-tech companies, investors, senior executives and various consultants who help young high-tech companies in management, positioning, M&A, recruitment, technology, sales, marketing, business development and more.

The club operates at Afeka College where most of the meetings are conducted, with more than 60 members.

Meeting between Rotary Avivtek representatives and Rotary China and Hong Kong representatives

We invite you to contact us to hear about our business, education and community activities. We would love to collaborate in different and various fields.

Mivtsa Kadesh St 38, Tel-Aviv

Club Secretary: Eli Doron 054-9248303 |


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