About Us

Rotary Avivtek Afeka Club is a unique club among the tens of thousands of Rotary clubs in the world who volunteer for the community. The community defined by the club is the high-tech community based in Israel. Club members are high-tech professionals with rich experience and knowledge from a variety of fields:




Innovation in many diverse technological fields


Vision and Goals

The club, as part of an international Rotary organization, aims to serve as a hostel for Israeli high-tech people looking to volunteer to empower Israel as a global leader in science and technology, thanks to its extensive network of high-tech work environments:

  • Investment connections

  • Connections to a diversity of industries

  • Connections to the Innovation Authority, and to the business environment that supports startups

  • Overseas connections and Chambers of Commerce

  • The Rotary Avivtek Afeka Club aims to act and contribute to the prosperity of the Israeli high-tech community in providing advice, guidance, and establishing relationships with potential customers and business partners.

  • The club helps young companies, such as the The Hive accelerator, aimed at entrepreneurs, newcomers and companies at more advanced stages, develop their international relationships with clubs and Rotary members around the world.

  • The club will set short and long-term tasks in collaboration with government, academy and business companies for the purpose of which the members of the club will take part.

  • The club has defined long-term and short-term tasks with the intention of increasing the technological scientific manpower: starting at the elementary school, continuing with the transfer of employees to the technology professions, and ending with young Jewish people around the world in the Israeli high-tech experience.

  • The club strengthens and facilitates business relationships between its members, allowing exposure to various business opportunities.

  • The club facilitates social connections between all club members and their families.

Office Holders

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Eli Doron

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David Rubin

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Ofer Braun

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Club Channel

Avraham Menkes

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 International Channel

Yossi Smoler

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Members & Profession

Dov Cohen

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Media & Public Relations

Ilan Solberg