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People of the Year


הרב דוד לייבל

Reason for Winning:

Rabbi David Label was born in France in 1954 and immigrated to Israel at the age of 17. He studied with Rabbi Shach at the Poneveze yeshiva and became the head of the Kollel.

As a successful businessman in the field of diamonds, he is a big believer in the Integration of Torah and work. According to him, there is no reason why ultra-Orthodox society in Israel should not be like ultra-Orthodox society in the US.

In 2011, he established evening study programs for ultra-Orthodox workers who do not receive a scholarship. In 2013, Rabbi Label founded a college that trains high-tech workers and integrates Torah study with work.

In 2014, as part of JBH College's vision to integrate ultra-Orthodox in the high-tech industry, Rabbi Leybel founded the software house Ravtech in cooperation with investors and leading figures in the software market.

The rabbi believes that everyone who lives in Israel should also contribute to the effort. Rabbi Label is working to find a way to integrate ultra-Orthodox in the IDF recruitment, while establishing suitable frameworks for the ultra-Orthodox who will enlist in the army, so that every ultra-Orthodox can continue to live an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle, and so that even at the end of the service he will remain ultra-Orthodox.


זוהר זיסאפל ז"ל

Reason for Winning:

Served in the Israeli high-tech industry and one of its leaders. Founder and board member of RAD, which brings together the Israeli companies involved in data communication.
He founded the RAD group together with his brother Yehuda, and under their leadership the most fertile ground for young entrepreneurs was created in the group.
Zohar and Yehuda contribute a lot to the high-tech community, with scholarships for outstanding students and by donating computer rooms and promoting mathematics skills for students in the periphery, as part of the Technion alumni organization.
Among the many awards Zohar received: Israel Security Award, Global Business Management Excellence Award, and an honorary doctorate at the Technion.


פרופ' יצחק בן ישראל

Reason for Winning:

For his significant and many-year contribution in the fields of security, science, technology and education in Israel.
Has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and physics, and a doctorate in philosophy.
Retired with the rank of colonel from the IDF in 2002 as head of the research and development of the means of warfare.
2007-2009 Member of Knesset, Kadima.
In 2011 he led to the establishment of the National Cyber Headquarters in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
In 2014, he led to the establishment of the Cyber Authority for Civil Defense.
In 2018, together with Prof. Evyatar Matanya, he headed the national project, which will place Israel in the list of the top 5 countries in the world in artificial intelligence.
Received the Israel Security Award twice.


ענבל קרייס

Reason for Winning:

Headed the Arrow 3 missile development project.
Served as a director at Elta and the Fisher Institute for Aviation and Space Research.
In 2020, she was appointed the innovation director in the missile and space systems division in the aerospace industry.
In April 2021, she was also appointed a director at Scoutcam, which develops tiny video cameras.


פרופ' יוסי מטיאס

Reason for Winning:

Vice President of Google Global and CEO of the Google Center in Israel, in recognition of his significant contribution to strengthening the economic and social stability of the knowledge-rich technology industry in Israel, promoting Google, integrating multinational companies in Israel, and promoting ties between academy and industry in Israel.


Reason for Winning:


Reason for Winning:

Man/Woman of the Year selection bylaw

Man/Woman of the Year is a title awarded by the Afeka Avivtech Rotary Club (hereinafter: Club) to indicate appreciation and recognition for unique and significant achievements and contributions in technology/industry and/or lifetime achievement.


Principles of the Man/Woman of the Year title

  • Each year the title will be awarded by the club at the ceremony of exchange of the presidents (month of June) where the recipient of the award will receive a special certificate.

  • Candidates for the title must be citizens of the State of Israel, regardless of age, religion or gender. In special cases, it will be possible to award the man/woman of the year to two candidates.

  • People who have previously received a similar/identical degree will be subjected to a three-year period limit before they can be submitted as candidates.

  • Club members cannot be nominated.


Submission of candidates

Nominations for Man/Woman of the Year may be submitted by club members, except for the members of the award committee during their term at the committee.

The presenters of the candidates are required not to inform the candidates and to keep the information confidential, and as a rule, the entire selection process must be kept completely confidential.

Nominations will be submitted to the award committee together with:

1. Letter of recommendation

2. Description of the candidate's background which will include:

a. CV summary b. Significant achievements c. significant contributions

d. Citation: a brief statement that describes accomplishments for which the recipient is receiving the award.

The Citation will be presented by the president of the club during the ceremony of awarding of the Man of the Year title.


The award committee

The award committee includes the president of the club, as chairman of the committee, the secretary of the club, who will also serve as the secretary of the committee, and five other club members who will be appointed by the president in consultation with the club secretary. The committee will be appointed every Rotary year and the names of its members will be announced at the first meeting of the club plenary in September of the same year.

The secretary of the committee will contact the club members to submit candidates according to the procedure that includes a letter of recommendation and a citation at the first meeting of the club's plenary session in November.

A member of the award committee cannot submit a candidate for the award. Final submission date: December 31 of the same year.


Man/Woman of the Year selection procedure.

1. The award committee will discuss the candidates in January, in a meeting with the presence of the president and at least 4 other committee members and will forward its recommendations to the club's management for approval.

2. The club management, at a meeting in February, will approve the candidate for the title.

3. The club secretary will send an e-mail message to the club members about the selected candidate, along with -. Citation

4. A club member who has an objection will be asked to submit it in writing within 7 days in a reasoned manner, personally to the secretary of the committee.

5. The secretary of the committee will bring the objection/objections to the award committee.

6. The committee will consider the objection(s) and forward its recommendation to the management's decision in March.

7. In case of disqualification, the procedure will be repeated for another candidate submitted in the same Rotary year.

8. The president of the club will notify the winner of his winning the title of "Man/Woman of the Year of the Afeka Rotary Club Avivtech, Tel Aviv". The date of notification to the winner of the title is until March 15 of the same year. In the event that the winner is not interested and/or is prevented from receiving the award, the procedure will be repeated for another candidate submitted in the same Rotary year.

9. The secretary will inform the club members about the winner of the Man/Woman of the Year title at the beginning of April.

10. The Man/Woman of the Year will be awarded at the annual event and ceremony of the president's exchange in June, in the presence of the winner, who will give a lecture and meet with the club members.



The president's announcement about the members of the award committee



The chairman of the committee asked the members to propose a candidate.


31st of December

Deadline for submission by club members along with Citation



Selection of the candidate by the committee



1. Approval of the candidate by the club management

2. Sending the name of the candidate together with a Citation for the information of the club members

3. Objection(s) reasoned in writing (within 7 days) will be brought to the committee for discussion.



1. Committee discussion of objections

2. In case of disqualification, another candidate submitted in an expedited procedure* will be selected.



1. The club secretary's notice to the members about the final decision

2.. The president of the club will inform the candidate of his choice of title.

3. If the winner is not interested and/or is prevented from receiving the prize, another candidate submitted through an expedited procedure* will be selected.



  The ceremony of awarding the title during the of the exchange of president's ceremony, where the candidate will give a lecture.


* In those cases where it is necessary to select a second candidate (low probability), the month of May will allow an expedited selection procedure of another candidate from the list.

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