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Club Activities

  • The club works in a variety of activities, promoting the purpose of the club and members.


  • The club organizes a monthly meeting of club members with a number of startups at their start stage. Club members assist companies with guidance, counseling and networking with relevant parties.

  • The club assists companies in more advanced stages, connecting with partners, customers or other companies abroad through the club's professional relationships with Rotary clubs around the world.

  • Club members operate with a variety of accelerators and incubator bodies, as mentors or facilitators, such as The Hive Incubator, which incorporates companies whose entrepreneurs are newcomers, or the AFEX accelerator, which consists of graduates and students of the Afeka Engineering College. Members of the club are also active in the Taglit project to bring young Jewish people around the world to the Israeli high-tech community.

  • The club strengthens and facilitates business relationships between its members, allowing exposure to various business opportunities.

  • The club - in collaboration with Tel Aviv University and the  Israeli Ministry of Education - helps science and technology teachers create interesting and intriguing materials for children in educational institutions. In doing so, the club assists in science and technology education by increasing the desire of young students to study the science and technology professions.

  • Club members serve as scientists within the Nobel laureate for excellence in education and teach a variety of science and technology professions in elementary schools across the country.

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