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Activities - Business Connections

  • Members of the Rotary Avivtek Club are high-tech industry executives - entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives in global companies, development and marketing professionals.


  • The club scope allows members to establish business relationships between club members and links to companies, ventures, foundations and the entire ecosystem of the local high-tech community.

  • As part of the club scope, club members meet once a month for updates on club activities and a lecture by a guest lecturer in advanced technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, such as innovations in science and medicine, autonomous vehicles, cyber and many other interesting and fascinating topics. Also, time is spent between the lectures and the members' meeting to create networking, "opening doors", developing business opportunities and deepening relationships - both social and business - between members.

  • In addition, the club members go on a quarterly basis for professional tours in the fields of infrastructure, science and technology for enrichment and business relationship development. Among other things, club members toured the light rail site, desalination facility, New South Port and more.

  • These activities, in addition to community entrepreneurship and community volunteering, contribute to deepening business relationships between members and developing new and innovative business initiatives.

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