Activities - International Relations


International Cooperation Program

A new program - began operations in July 2019.

Main objectives

  • Helping young high-tech companies in Israel find technology and business partners in Europe.

  • At the same time - helping European technology companies open doors for Israeli innovation and technology.

  • Helping club members in Israel and abroad expand their business / technology network abroad.


Mode of operation (test stage)

  • Focus on the first stage in Germany (pilot test concept)

  • Establish a forum of Rotary members in Germany who are interested and wish to participate in the program

  • The communication between our club and forum members will be mainly through video conference, which will allow companies as well as our club members and forum members in Germany to present themselves and discuss their needs.

  • The areas of operation we will focus on in the first phase: medical equipment, water, cleantech (green energy, foodtech, agritech), smart city.

  • The young high-tech companies in Israel will be selected from the companies that introduced themselves on the startup evenings that our club holds once a month, according to criteria set by the steering team.

Meetings - International Relations

February 2, 2018 - Meeting between representatives of Rotary Avivtek Club and Rotary Club representatives in Hong Kong and China

A fascinating historical meeting, between representatives of the Rotary Avivtek Club, and representatives of the Rotary Club in Hong Kong and China at the Ramat Rachel Hotel in Jerusalem.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Chinese students were asked to introduce themselves, they rose, in exemplary fashion, with their palms, a gesture of gratitude, saying the name, the field of study and the name of the university, where they study. Interesting, how it happened, with Israeli students. We talked to some of them, the cultural differences are fascinating.

They admire Jewish culture and tradition, and Israeli entrepreneurship. One senior representative told me that there is an interesting connection between Jewish culture and Chinese, both of which are 5,000 years old.

After the meeting, we gathered at a restaurant in the city, and had a fascinating conversation with the alumni in the Chinese community. They were particularly interested in the Israeli army. I told them about experiences I had during the first Lebanon war, where I had disagreements with my commander. The 77-year-old Chinese response was unequivocal: What happened there is a profound difference between the Chinese and Israeli concept.

January 17, 2018 - Eli Doron - Visiting Rotary Club in Singapore

As part of a private visit to Singapore, I was asked by Singapore Changi Club member Dennis Carroll, former club president and president, to give a lecture on the uniqueness of Afeka AvivTek Club as well as describe the uniqueness of the Israeli high-tech. The lecture was given on January 17, 2018 and was attended by about 20 club members and a number of guests.

At the end of the lecture, all people wanted to know how a small country like ours has so many technological initiatives and innovations. A number of members even expressed a desire to buy Israeli products such as skiers for special civilian missions and replaced club flags between Eli Doron and the club's president.