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Activities - Social Connections

Our club is a success story, which attracts quality members from all over the country. The club is a role model and an ongoing example of success in the region and even the world.

The club is in continuous growth and currently has about 62 members, and continues to be a hot spot for many members. Club members think and believe "the club is successful" and therefore continue to be members and participants in diverse meetings and activities.

This year, the decision was made to focus the activities on the empowerment of friends between the members, by institutionalizing and increasing the friendship encounters in the members' houses:

  • There will be two types of meetings:

- Small groups of 4-6 pairs

- Large groups of 14-20 pairs

  • Teaming in is done by Etti Paz and friendship team, with the host picking 1-2 pairs from the club.

  • There will be 3 friendship meetings a month, so an average club member will attend at least once a year. New-form friendship meetings began with the 2019-20 presidential election of Ran Lieber last July.


  • Occasionally there will be dedicated evenings oriented to cultivating the acquaintance of the members through roundabout circles around round tables.

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