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Community Relations - TAGLIT Project


Support for TAGLIT programs


The flagship program that has been operating for many years to bring delegations of young Jews to Israel.

Its main mission is to connect young Jews worldwide with their Jewish identity and the State of Israel

Required support from club members:

  • Lectures from overseas groups at the Innovation Center (personal story of a club member).

  • Help with contacting Israeli high-tech companies.


TAGLIT's Leadership Program, in which 54 outstanding students (North America) are selected for the purpose of finding the next generation business leaders. This is a 10-week internship program at the largest companies in the Israeli market.


TAGLIT's Entrepreneurship Program in which 10 of the most outstanding are selected, to which 10 outstanding Israelis join.

The chosen most outstanding are divided into 6 mixed teams, which establish 6 start-ups with a technological component. They work in the Tel Aviv Accelerator for 10 weeks during the summer (June - July - August)


Possible support of the club members in the Excel and Excel Ventures programs:

  • Mentoring for ventures

  • Training adult excellers to serve as mentors

  • Feedback for projects during weekly meetings with them

  • Lectures

  • Workshops

  • The possibility of integrating the Avivtek Rotary Club members into the summer cycle is being considered

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