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Community Relations - Startups Meetings

  • Once a month the club meets with ventures in a particular area. The meeting starts with a lecturer, who introduces the field, and then 3-4 entrepreneurs present their venture: each about 5 minutes and 10 minutes for questions, answers, discussion, advice and assistance by club members.

  • So far, successful meetings have been held in areas such as: cyber, smart cities, ed-tech, food-tech, fashion, games, retail, disability applications, entrepreneurial evening, sports, skating and more.

  • The meeting allows the ventures exposure to club members, who can help them in different areas.

  • In preparation for club members to become mentors, the club conducts internal training for members. Members who are experienced and mentoring give the club members the basics to act as mentors.

  • The Avivtek Club wants to host ventures that have working products or need assistance and advancement.

  • We would love to host organizations with activity for entrepreneurs who need mentors and assistance.

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