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יוסי סמולר




עיסוק נוכחי
נשיא מועדון רוטרי אפקה אביבטק, תל אביב
תחומי עניין
טכנולוגיה, מנטורינג, חדשנות, ספורט, תרבות, טיולים בחו"ל, טיולים בארץ
רקע, ניסיון ותפקידים בעבר

2014-2018 Chief Open Innovation Officer, Samsung R&D Institute Israel

2009-2014 Technological Incubators Program Director, Office of the Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy.

1994-2005 President & CEO of Eldat Communication Ltd, an Israeli company dedicated to advanced wireless solutions for
the retail industry. Eldat was a world leading vendor of Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) systems. I have managed this
company from its very first days until its acquisition by a big European company.

1992-1994 Managing Director of Manof Communication Systems Ltd.

Manof is an Israeli software house developing and exporting software systems in the field of inter-bank

1989-1992 Assistant Managing Director of ISIS Information Systems Ltd.

ISIS is a South African system house (around 200 employees) providing services of product definition, design,
development, installation and support of S/W and H/W based systems.

I have also represented the foreign shareholders of the company, served as a Director of the Board and as an
active member of the Executive Committee.

1964-1989 Service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), resigning as a Colonel.

In the first five years I served as a professional officer in the IDF Computer Center (MAMRAM). Later on, after
completing my engineering studies, while serving in the MOD R&D Department, I was involved with big R&D
projects and Operation Research studies (in cooperation with the leading Israeli Defense industries), covering a
wide variety of highly complex and inter-disciplinary technologies.

During the last five years of my service, after completing my MSc studies in the US, I served as the Head of the
System Analysis Center in the GHQ, IDF (as a Colonel). The areas of activities of this organization (which is based
mostly on academic officers from various scientific and engineering disciplines) included also development of
computerized war games for training and research applications, for the IDF ground forces.




1977-1979 MSc Operation Research (with distinction)

Naval Postgraduates School, Monterey, CA, USA

1969-1973 BSc Industrial & Management Engineering (with distinction)

Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

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