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Community Relations - High Tech and Technology Channel

  • The Avivtek Rotary Club works to promote and create value for the entrepreneurial and high-tech community in Israel, with the experience of its members and connections in this industry in Israel and worldwide.

  • Each month, a club meeting is held with select ventures in a specific area of ​​activity.


  • The Avivtek Club has contact with investment bodies, incubators and explorers. Through these bodies, which are linked to a variety of start-ups in many areas and at various stages, the club members are exposed to many private technology companies and high-tech ventures in their early days.

  • The club members - who come from the top positions in the Israeli high-tech industry - offer their support as active mentors (Free of charge) and as lecturers.

  • The club is pleased to host ventures with existing products or services, or investment bodies and explorers, who are interested in exposing the relevant experience and relationships of club members.

Our Partners

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