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Community Relations - The Education Channel

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The purpose of the education channel is to harness the knowledge and experience of club members to improve the level of technological science education in Israel.

The education channel is continuously running an inspirational project. A project in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, a science center for the training of elementary science teachers and a Nobel laureate for excellence in education. As part of the project, science teachers from all over the country are exposed to a variety of disciplines, which the club members pass on to them during a series of enrichments meetings throughout the year. The topics covered in these sessions serve as inspiration for teacher educators, who are inspired by materials for activity in science classrooms in the elementary school.

In addition, this year we are accompanying classroom teachers' activities in the classroom to help the science teacher pass on materials he has developed to inspire meetings with club members, and to test the effectiveness and ability of teacher guides to translate inspirational sessions into classroom activities.

Later, we will strive for an inspirational project to expand to all science teachers in the country, who will develop and deliver inspirational activities for students throughout the country.


The club wants every member to be involved in volunteering activities in one of the channels operating in the club. Members who wish to participate in the channel activity are invited to contact Ami Steiner and Edith Tevel - the activity leaders in the education channel.



  • The education channel is in regular contact with the Ministry of Education. In particular: Commander of Sciences (the person responsible for the science curricula in schools throughout the country). Committee on Science at the Weizmann Institute, and more.


  • The education channel maintains regular contact with the Science Center for the Training of Science Teachers at Tel Aviv University.


  • The education channel in connection with the Nobel Laureates Association for Excellence in Education, which helps develop the materials for meetings between club members and teachers. The Nobel Groom Association operates in about 100 schools across the country in the activities of scientists, engineers and pilots with students in schools. As part of the Rotary Club collaboration, content is developed for the purpose of club activities with teacher mentors in an inspirational project. Ami Steiner, who heads the education channel, is also co-founder and director of operations for the Nobel Groom Association.


  • The club offers a variety of options for volunteering in education, including:

- Activity in FIRST Robotics competitions

- Activity with Afeka College of Engineering accompanied by mentors in the AFEX Entrepreneurship Program and various innovation and entrepreneurship events, and judging by the College's final projects


  • You can get more details about joining these activities from the Education team.

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