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Rotary organization has been a proven success over 110 years. The rotary club is an important part in the lives of rotarians. The four pillars of the club (professional, social, and international network, and giving back to the community) create a holistic model.

The changes of the 21st century in the lifestyle of rotarians, especially the technological changes, created a new integrative world for leading businessmen and professionals, who are the target ‘bread and butter’ of rotary organization.

The challenge is to attract and engage this target population into rotary clubs.



The 21st century rotary clubs adapt the valuable rotary principles to the 21st century society and to members in the changing world.



To establish rotary clubs that integrate real and digital features, creating the mainstream concept that presents the right fit for the needs of leading businessmen and professionals of the 21st century. Facebook, WhatsApp, linkedin, YouTube, meetup, cyber, audio visual sessions, are the common language of 21st century business life. Moreover, the traditional physical community is evolving into a digital community over a larger geographical area.  Therefore, this has to be integrated into the day to day operations of rotary clubs.



Integration of physical meetings with digital community.

Face to face meetings are essential to develop and to promote trust and a sense of belonging of members to the club. These face to face meetings provide the professional and social networking benefits for club members. The life style of the 21st century leading professional and business people is very hectic including working in more extended geographical areas while frequently traveling abroad. The Rotary club has to cater to this life style by enhancing the club activities with intensive digital interaction.


Rotary Club Afeka “Aviv-Tech” - Established in 2014:

By Ilan Zorman-after staying 20 years in the Silicon Valley, the Founder and Co-Founder of several Start-Ups like Nexus Telecom. (NASDAQ), AppStream and ComMagine-acquired.

  • The concept developed is to fit the 21st century needs of rotary organization: Integrating successfully physical meetings with digital activities, by recording all meetings on video and other digital means and making them available on YouTube (thus enabling traveling members to share the club activities).

  • Using extensively WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., to interact more effectively in the 21st century, in line with the hectic lives of our members, while keeping the good old basic rotary principles

We welcome opportunities to discuss this 21st century concept with rotary clubs internationally.

International Connections

May 17, 2017

Yigal Komem visit the Rotary Club New York (RCNY)

www.nyrotary.org or https://www.facebook.com/RotaryClubOfNewYork

From the far right, Jasmin Bey Cowin President Elect, Can Erbilgin, President 2016-2017, Yigal Komem RCHT Afeka.
July 28, 2017

Yigal Komem visit the Rotary Club Berlin-Gendarmenmarkt                    














Yigal and Professor Dr. Thomas Rommel, President of RC Berlin-Gendarmenmarkt exchanging club flags.

January 17, 2018

During a private visit to Singapore, Eli Doron was invited by Dennis Carroll , member of the Singapore Changi Rotary Club to provide a presentation on Rotary Afeka Avivtek club, its' uniqueness and the Israeli HiTech.
The presentation was given on January 17th 2018, and about 20 Rotary members were present.

At the end of the presentation the audience was impressed with how a small country like Israel is so innovative.

Some members were interested in business relationships with Israeli firms.
Banners were exchanged with President Lee





















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